Bagalamukhi Devi Puja

Baglamukhi or Bagala is an important deity among the ten Mahavidyas worshipped with great devotion in Hinduism. The ultimate benefit of worshipping Baglamukhi clears the illusions and confusions of the devotees and gives them a clear path to proceed in life. Goddess Baglamukhi carries a cudgel in her hands to smash the troubles faced by her devotees. Here are a few mantras of Baglamukhi with their meanings and the benefits of chanting them. 

Baglamukhi Significance

The term Baglamukhi is derived from the word Bagla or Valga meaning the saddle used to control the horse. This very powerful goddess is also called as Sthambini Devi or Brahmastra Roopini. This means she is so powerful enough to make the target motionless and still. Worshipping Ma Baglamukhi is the sure way to control the enemies and win over them. However, with evil intentions, the mantras can only give negative results.

Baglamukhi Gayatri Mantra

”Om baglamukhyae cha vidmahe stambhinyai cha dheemahi tanno bagla prachodayat.”

Mantra Meaning:

I meditate on Goddess Baglamukhi who can make the enemies motionless. Let the powerful goddess bless me with a clear sight.

Baglamukhi Mool Mantra

“Aum Hreem Baglamukhi sarv dushtanaam vaacham mukham padam stambhyaJivhaam keelya, buddhim vinaashya hreem aum swaaha”

Mantra Meaning:

The mantra has Bheej sounds of Baglamukhi. It prays the goddess to make the enemies ineffective by arresting their vicious speech, feet and intelligence. Once their movements are restricted, they can never act against you.

Baglamukhi Mantras to Succeed in all Efforts

“Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shri Bagalanane Mam Ripoon Naashay Naashay Mamaishwaryaani Dehi Dehi SHeeghram Manovanchhitam Saadhay Saadhay Hreeng Swaahaa”

Mantra Meaning

Oh Mata Baglamukhi, we pray that you destroy our sins, bring prosperity into our lives and fulfil our desires.

How to chant Baglamukhi Mantras

The best time to chant the baglamukhi mantras is early morning. Take bath and sit on a mat or wooden plank. Carry a rosary and use it for counting the mantra chanting. Chant your chosen mantra for any number of rosaries. The ideal count for Baglamukhi mantras is 1,25,000 times. While chanting, place a picture of Baglamukhi in front of you and concentrate on the form.

Benefits of Chanting Baglamukhi mantras

• Removes all the sorrows and gives confidence, fearlessness and courage.• Fills the minds and hearts of the devotees with a positive energy to move the success path• Removes the debts and enhances prosperity at home• Fear of enemies is removed and the devotee experiences a great degree of comfort in mind. The enemies will no more be able to confront you. They will grow powerless when trying to act against you and their vicious plots will turn futile and ineffective. • Students get good marks and get a focused mind to concentrate on the studies better. • The devotee triumphs over lawsuits and succeeds in quarrels and competitions. • If there are fluctuations in your life, this mantra can help balance the positive and negative aspects and establish harmony in home and life.