Ganesh Puja

Lord Ganapathi, also known as Vighnaharta, signifies the start of something auspicious and positive. Good luck, favourable opportunities, and zero hurdles on the path of achieving desired goals are certain by performing Ganpati ji Pooja. Who would not like to have all this life? Hundo P, all want to fulfil their desire and taste the fruits of success. So, Lord Ganeshaji is worshipped before initiating every auspicious function. Moreover, worshipping this Lord brings good health, knowledge, wealth, peace, and prosperity to his/her life. You too can gain all these benefits just by worshipping powerful Ganesh Yantra regularly.

When to Perform Ganesh Pooja?

Ganesh Puja for Early Marriage

Shree Ganapati Puja is performed to pave the path for marriage delays due to reasons related to planetary placements in your Janampatri and their corresponding effects on your marriage prospects. Performing Vinayaka Puja with accurate Vedic rituals and mantras can facilitate your marriage by ending any Doshas associated with this connection.

Ganesh Puja for Marriage

All the obstacles are removed by Vighna Vinashak Devta Ganesh, so before starting marriage rituals, Ganapati ji Puja is performed. The whole family worships Lord of all obstacles (Vighnaharta) for a smooth and obstacle-free marriage life of bride and groom. Considered as the harbinger of good fortune, every wedding ceremony involves Ganapathi Pooja.

Ganesh Puja for Education

Widely known for naughtiness and intelligence, Lord Ganesha is worshipped for removing stress in the life of children and bless them with intelligence. In today’s world, kids struggle in achieving their goals, desire, and choice of careers. Ganesh pujan by kids or their parents provide them with the strength to face this competitive world and score good marks.

Sankasthi Chaturthi Vrat

Sankasthi Chaturthi means the day that dispels all the difficulties and hurdles in life. It falls every month, the fourth day of Krishna Paksha according to Hindu calendar and also called Anagaraki Chaturthi when it falls on Tuesday. Devotees observe fast on this day to get rid of obstacles in life. Sankasthi Chaturthi Vrat is said to be complete only after performing Vinayaka Puja either in morning or evening time. 

Ganapathi Bappa Puja on Tuesday

Hailed as Mangal Murti, Tuesday is considered as ideal for performing this pooja. It helps to eliminate hindrances on the path of success, happiness, and bestow good health.

New Beginnings of Auspicious Events

House Warming Function

Ganapati Pujan is performed during house warming ceremony with family and friends to make life easy and minimum struggle for family after shifting to a new house. With accurate puja of the Lord Vighnaharta, the family will be protected from misfortune and there will be peace and harmony in the new house.

Office Opening

Performing Ganpati bappa puja before moving into a new office space or during office opening helps to remove all the obstacles, enrich a successful – positive energy environment, and gain all the auspiciousness, wealth, and upliftment in a new business or venture.

Foundation Stone of Land or Property

It is important to keep new land or property free from all issues. Seek blessing of Vighnaharta for winning against adversaries involved in land and property. 

There are many Prayers, Ganesh pooja Mantras in Sanskrit & Aarti in our ancient scriptures, but they should be performed in a righteous way to appease Lord Vinayaka. However, Ganapati Atharvashirsh is the most important and powerful prayer to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

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