Sri Chakra Mantram

We often face challenges in life that may seem like they are out of our control. It is hard to deal with life when one has lost hope. What if one could shield themselves from all the negativity and live in abundant joy, peace and harmony instead?Shree Yantra is believed to be one the most powerful Yantras of all. It is often referred to as an instrument for Wealth. It has been designed to give the maximum benefit. One can attain anything he wishes through the cosmic powers the Shree Yantra exudes.

The beauty o f the Shree Yantra is that it symbolises all Gods and Goddesses. It is said that the creator of the universe, Brahma possessed it.

Eastern philosophies assert that each shape in the Universe emits a certain energy. The Yantras make use of the shapes, known to emit good and harmoniou s energies are concentrating and channelising them from the Universe.

Benefits & Importance

The person who uses the Shree Yantra achieves everything that he desires. Everything that comes his way is enha nced to the fullest. The Shree Yantra helps in overcoming obstacles. It helps in keeping all negativity at bay.

If the Shree Yantra is att uned, energised and worshipped regularly with the proper chanting of the Mantras, it can put one in contact with the extremely elevated energies.

It is called the symbol of spirituality for a reason. It holds the nine chakras. Five chakras of the Goddess Shakti and four of the Might ly Lord Shiva. It holds devine magnetic energies. It is a Talisman that produces positive vibrations when placed and one can notice the change in no time.

One can even find the Shree Yantra sourcing back to the age-old art of Vastu Shastra.

Among the Yantras, Shree Yantra is one of the most beneficial and powerful Yantra. It can usually be used by anyone, at any stage of life.